Gold Patination

Hi all

I’m currently working on a piece with an African design in 18k
yellow gold. For some of the recessed parts I was considering using
a patina. I know that 18k might be a problem. I would like to
blacken or at least partly oxidize it to a dark brown/black color
with a reasonable contrast. Should I try potassium sulphide perhaps?
I know that normal heating also causes oxidation, but would the
copper oxide be as reliable as the copper sulphide? It is a pendant
so wear shouldn’t be a problem. Also the design is quite intricate
so could I mask out places or would I need to patinate the whole
piece and then remove the oxide where needed? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Adrian Pearton

You could try or He has
patinas and solvent dyes which come in 10 basic colors which are
mixable to produce any color in the spectrum wanted on any type of
material. If you have ever seen the lobby at the Bellagio in las
vegas, this is what they used to get the trees and foliage which are
metal sculpture to look like real plants. It’s awesome! He will send
you a sample pack that is unbelievable if you send an email request.

Ricky Low
Houston, Taxus USA