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Gold or any color injection wax

Perhaps I’ve missed something here, but a post from M. Mersky makes
me wonder just what it is that “carvable” injection wax is expected
to do. If one carves wax for original pieces, one should be working
in the many forms of Carving Wax, be they green, blue, purple or the
new silver and gold. There should be no need to melt them or mix
them with die before carving. In fact, melting a carving wax changes
it substantially - they are intended to be carved as they come from
the manufacturer, in my experience. The injection waxes, termed
carvable, only means that some are easier to correct or make small
changes in a model design than other injection waxes. It is true
that no one wax will suit all purposes. Working wax is an adventure
in learning and great fun if you approach it that way. You will
always be frustrated if you don’t follow a manufacturers suggestions
for use, the correct temperatures for injecting, and the correct
methods of carving and molding. Homework and reading should be of
great help here and the manufacturers will always offer their
specifications and recommendations when asked. Then it’s up to you
to experiment in your own style of working and find that wonderful
niche of satisfaction. It doesn’t come overnight.

Patricia Hicks

I tend to work by building up and then carving down. Regular carving
waxes are useless for this. Some injection waxes are pretty good.
Most of my pieces are a rainbow of waxes. And my wax selection also
varies by season- waxes that are too brittle in winter are perfect
for summer. I tend to use Perfect Purple or Sierra red, but I’m
still looking for the perfect wax too.

Janet Kofoed