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Gold of the Nomads Exhibit

Hello All,

Below is an exerpt from the web site of the Brooklyn Museum of Art
about an upcoming exhibit that will open October 13, 2000. I am so
exited about having this so close to home! I’m about a ten minute walk
from the museum.

This address should take you there:

“The first major exhibition of Scythian art in the United States in
more than a quarter century, the exhibition includes more than 170
crafted pieces, many of them excavated in the last decade from
lavishly provisioned tombs. Among them are articles of personal
adornment, ceremony, and battle created by Scythian artists and by
superb Greek goldsmiths.”

Come to Brooklyn!!!

Gail Middleton
Unique Studio
Brooklyn, NY

It’s a fantastic exhibit! I saw it at the Walters in Baltimore. And
the exhibit book is worth the price.

BTW, at the Walters, they did not allow sketching or photography in
the exhibit. Might be the same in Brooklyn.