Gold mesh again

Sorry to flog this subject, but I’ll run it by y’all one more time
before I give up.

As you may remember, I was looking for mesh for my “flashy tea"
teabag full of stones. I made the one for my sculptural teapot by
buying copper mesh from Metalliferous and etching it until I could
see the stones well enough through it. I want to follow up by making
some actual jewelry on the same principle. If I’m going to use
possibly hundreds of dollars-worth of stones, I’d like to use
material for the bag that is in keeping with that. Like gold. I’ve
located only pure gold, which is not strong enough (the mesh has to
have at least 50% open space for the stones to show well). I would
really need a lower karat, like 14k, for enough strength. I have
ordered some titanium screen, 40-mesh, with .004” wire. Tiny wires,
strong, pretty transparent. I’m just concerned that buyers won’t be
thrilled with titanium in lieu of gold (for status value). SO, does
anybody have a source? I’ve checked everything offered in the
archives. The titanium may be my only viable option. But if anybody
has something, I will be thrilled.

Thanks, as always,

Hi, Noel This might be of some help. The Unique Wire Weaving Co.
lists gold mesh in their stock items. However I don’t know the alloy
used, but I don’t think it’s 24K. I had gotten some SS mesh from them
many years ago and gold mesh, as indicated is also made by them.
Their site is:

You can also click this site for a list of mesh fabricators:

HTH Dr Dule. (it aint just books)

Hi, Noel, This is hardly my area of expertise, but couldn’t you caste
gold mesh using another kind of mesh? Then you could use whatever
alloy worked best. Maybe what you want to do is too fine for casting,
but I’m sure the extremely experienced casters among us would know
what is possible…

I have one of those gold mesh coffee filters and always think of how
much fun it would be to incorporate that stuff into jewelry. But I
suspect that the minimum order on such stuff might be really high.
Never mind that you couldn’t call your pieces hand made!

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Benicia, CA