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Gold Karat wire question


I want to wire wrap a stone with yellow karat gold. I would like
suggestions about the karat of wire to use.


You should be able to use 10ky, 14ky or 18ky as long as it is “dead
soft” or fully annealed.

Daniel Ballard

Hi Lynda,

I’ve wire-wrapped with 14k with no problems. If cost is at all a
concern for you, I recommend doing the piece in copper first, so
that you know exactly how much wire you will need and what you plan
to do with it. Then, to paraphrase the carpenters, measure five
times, cut once. And work slowly.

If, however, money is no object, you could easily use 18k. Higher
karats will depend on what you’re doing and how well you need it to
hold its shape. For the ultimate in luxury, there’s always
Puregold–24k that can be “oven-hardened” like Argentium Sterling.
Also, if money is no object, the choice can be more influenced by
aesthetics. Personally, I think 14k looks a little washed out with
certain colors, so I simply don’t combine them. If I could afford
to, I would just use a higher karat.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

Stuller sells 14Kt gold wire in various hardness’. They may have 18kt
as well. If you ask for soft, you’d be able to wrap with it I think.

-Stanley Bright

For the softest wire possible, specify “Anneal extra-dead soft” when

James Gilbert
Metals Product Manager
Stuller, Inc