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Gold identification- laws Snaky vendors

Last year in Tucson I bought gold beads that looked I though were
22k- very yellow,I tumbled them and the colour changed. When I
questioned the vendor he said that they had a special coating and
were 18-20K, not 22K. I have never heard of a vendor not knowing
what he was selling,

Does the vendor not have to be more exact?

Dear Judy, “I have not known a vendor not knowing what he is
selling”??? Even in the AGTA show you as a customer must know your
stuff. If any doubts exist get a gold tester. This is one reason
jewelry stores cost are high, we need the equipment. East Indian
beads are often of non specific karat (high gold content but not a
specific karat). When you are in Tucson KNOW YOUR STUFF. I run into
this gem show mania in my local customers. AGTA is difficult to get
into for this reason, to keep locals and non tradespersons out. “I
got it at the gem show” drives me crazy all year and is not a
guarantee of ANYTHING. Sam Patania, Tucson