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Gold hollow rope chain


I know this sounds like a simple request, but I’ve spent WAY too
much time and I’m getting frustrated.

I have a client who is looking for HOLLOW rope chain, preferably in
10K yellow (but will accept 14K yellow) gold. He wants 30" lengths
in 2mm and 4mm widths.

I have contacted every supplier I know and then some. None have
hollow rope at all. A few (Providence Chain among them) told me that
they “used” to carry it but don’t anymore. So what’s the scoop? Has
there been a problem with hollow rope historically that would cause
everyone to not want to deal with it? Is it now masquerading under a
different name? Do any of you have a source for it – I don’t care
whether it’s finished or bulk at this point.

Many thanks for any help you can give!

Karen Goeller
Hand-crafted artisan jewelry

Try Quality Gold. www.Qgold I think that hollow is junk and it may be
why you are having trouble finding them. Janine in raining northern California

Hi Karen, Just a bit of experienced advice in regards to the hollow
rope chain. Generally , its junk! Since its made of hollow tubing,
instead of solid core wire, it generally weighs only about 1/3 of the
solid stuff, and hence, not nearly as much material strength as the
later. This is the kind of stuff that Walmart specializes in, because
its cheap. And since longer chains,like 30"s tend to get broken
often, and especially lighter guages like 2mm, this is a piece that
you don’t want to be the warranty owner on it, unless you like
working on the same item over, and over, and… for free. There are
companies out there who make it, I’m sure, but you apparently have
only talked to the ones who value their reputations for quality. Ed

Karen, First of all as a repair person, I gently but firmly try to
inform them that hollow won’t wear as well and they can save their
money for something more durable. However if they must, try Metal
Marketplace, 1-800-523-9191. Richard in Denver