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Gold granules


Dear Orchidian, I’ve recently started granulating again and have run
out of the few gold granules I had left from many years ago. I was
able to find some of the smallest size on Ebay but no others. As I am
not in the position not blow a giant wad of cash at SPM Co. I was
wondering if anyone out there had any of either the large size or med
preferably that they might want to sell . I would greatly appreciate
any leads you might have. As always, many thanks to Hanuman for such
a great forum for us to share with each other everyday. I look
forward to my morning coffee and my Orchid Digest so much. From
beautiful but getting crowded with those summer folk, East Hampton.
Mark Sanne Aurea 16 McGuirk St. East
Hampton, NY 11937 631 324-1629