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Gold Granulation on Argentium Sterling

This is the first time I have contacted orchid with a question, so
here goes: Does anyone have any experience with gold granulation on
Argentium Silver? I’d love some hints. I have been a gold granulater
for a while. I also would love to use gold bezels on Argentium ring
shanks…How to solder the two elements together…Any Suggestions.

Thanks for your help…Lois

Hi Lois,

Gold granulation on Argentium Silver is incredibly easy! I have found
it very easy to do, simply fluxing and heating the Argentium Silver.
At Clasp, Ronda Coryell told us that she was amazed at how easily and
well it works. Recently, someone (sorry, I can’t think of his name at
the moment) posted that he had run a number of tests using different
fluxes for fusing granules, and he found that spit worked best. I
have not yet had a chance to compare spit to my favorite flux to use
with Argentium Silver, which is Rio’s My-T-Flux. It is not necessary
to use any copper solution. You will find that Argentium Silver
conducts heat similarly to gold, so it will be easy for you to solder
a gold bezel to AS. My suggestion is to “just do it!”

Cynthia Eid


I have done a little experimenting with 18K on Argentium. Worked like
a charm. Contact me off list and I can fill you in on what I did.

Bill Churlik

Hey, Bill,

I have done a little experimenting with 18K on Argentium. Worked
like a charm. Contact me off list and I can fill you in on what I

Please post it on-line for all of us! (I apologize that I could not
think of your name when I posted that someone had posted that he
found spit (also known as “spitola” when we are being more “classy”]
to be the best flux.)

Cynthia Eid


I use 22k gold granules, mainly for more color contrast with the AS
silver. Sand the surface of the AS silver (400-grit, then 600-grit)
just before placing the granules because any germanium oxide build
up that may be on the surface inhibits surface flow.

I use water, My-T-Flux and Klyr-Fire organic glue. This glue burns
off quickly.

In a darkened room, torch the silver until the silver surface flows
next to the gold granules. Avoid heating directly on the gold
granules or silver will flow up and over them (my first experience).

If your design doesn’t allow you to avoid direct heat to the gold,
do just one surface flow pass over your piece, air cool, then
carefully paint whiteout over the gold granules. Resume fusing one
or two more times (i.e., flow the surface, stop for three seconds,
flow the surface again). Much beyond this is unnecessary and the
gold will begin to collapse.

Air cool, pickle, and test the fuse with a toothpick. Remove the
whiteout with a soft brush and lacquer solvent. Yellow ochre also
works as a resist but it is more difficult to remove.

Hope this helps.



I went back to see if I still had the post I put up. It is gone from
my files. I will see if I can reconstruct it. It will be a few days.

I was most amused when you said you remembered my post as the fellow
who used spit. I have learned that just being remembered is what
counts, as long as it is favorable, how is secondary. My heart may
want to be remembered as the present incarnation of Benvenuto but I
would be just as happy to go down in history as “the guy who used

Please, no apologies necessary. I am grateful to be remembered at

Bill Churlik


I am lecturing on Fusing, Fabricating & Granulating with Argentium
in Tucson on Friday for Rio Grande at Catalog in Motion. Then there
is a 2 day class also. I will be posting the articles as soon as I am
through in Tucson. The gold on Argentium is amazing. Try dipping your
gold wires in liquid yellow flux and place on the Argentium sheet.
Fuse on a charcoal block.

Ronda Coryell

I am lucky enough to have Ronda Coryell’s CDs on “The Art of
Granulation”. They are most excellent. I would assume that her
Tuscon lectures will be very good as well.

Marlin, in FREEZING Denver.