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Gold French Wire

I am looking for a source for karat gold, both white and yellow,
French wire for finishing pearl and bead strands. Can any of you
point me in the right direction? I have looked through every source
I could think of and done internet searches, but all I have found is
base metal French wire. Is there really no gold French Wire? I
really hate to use base metal with my pieces. Any suggestions would
be appreciated.

Each time I open Orchid I learn so much and each time I have posted
a question I have received many answers from many, very learned and
talented artists. I want to thank you all for your unselfish

Trudy Edlebeck

Trudy, When I was a metals buyer for a very large jewelry supplier I
searched for several months for sterling or fine silver, and karat
gold french wire. I couldn’t find anyone to produce it for us. I was
told by everyone that the silver was too soft to produce
satisfactory results, and that 14K too brittle. We attempted a small
run in our own manufacturing facility and yielded nothing.
Best of luck, and if you find some, please let me know!

Hi Trudy, Have you considered having your gold or silver french wire
Cast? We do a lot of castings in sterling and 14k gold of woven wire
pieces for some of our customers and we have had good success . We
can also pre- finish it so that you don’t have to… and we can also
cast it pre=shaped to fit items you would like to adapt it to. If you
are interested, Please contact:

Daniel Grandi Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc. 52 Glen Rd. Cranston, RI.02920
Tel: 401-461-7803 or you can email a scan of what you would like to
have made to us and we will reply with an answer. It is always a good
idea to scan the piece with a ruler next to the design so we can
estimate size . Best wishes to all, Daniel Grandi

I’ve tried to produce French wire in both silver and 18ct but the
results were very unsatisfactory. They are just too soft and won’t
do the job. It’s perfectly acceptable to use the standard plated
wires for stringing. Don’t worry about the issue of quality marks.
The amount you is so small that It won’t make a difference in the
overall percentage

Tony Konrath

French wire is a very fine wire that is used for finishing off a
strand of pearls, ruby or sapphire beads. It is usually used for
expensive materials. It is used to wrap around the bead cord to make
a loop that the clasp attaches to. Richard in Denver

Hi Gang,

I’m letting my ignorance show, but they always say the only dumb
question is the one you don’t ask. So here goes.

What’s french wire?

I’ve never heard the term until a few weeks ago?


Dave, A Beader can show you. It is a more professional way of
finishing the connection between the last bead and the clasp.

Essentially, it is a very fine coil of either silver or gold wire. A
small piece of it is cut off and strung on the cord, silk, linen,
whatever next to the clasp. It forms a circle over the base of the
clasp giving the connection a much finer look than the plain cord or
bead cup link between the clasp and bead.

Takes a bit of finesse to get used to using it. I quite understand
the desire to find this in fine silver or gold. Base metal is not
appealing. I have long wished for the same.


french wire is an extremely fine, coiled wire that is cut into a
small length, about 3/8ths of an inch or so and is put on beading
cord at the end of a strand. The wire then loops over the jump
ring that attaches the clasp to the beads and the beading cord is
threaded back through the beads and knotted. The french wire
protects the cord from wearing as quickly and gives a nicer look.
If you have one, check Rio Grande’s catalog in the beading section
for a picture. Never seen it in gold and most finer necklaces such
as pearls never seem to use it. Hope this helps. Mary Dunker