Gold French Wire (and introduction)

hello Dear Orchid, a possibility that might be worth investigating
in your search for gold french wire would be what in the needlework
world is called “bullion.” This is used for metallic embroidery, and
is called “couching”…the bullion itself is just like what we know
as french wire, and an anchoring thread is passed through the bullion
in order to affix it to the surface of the work. Thus sometimes
bullion is also known by the name of “passing thread.” Kreinik and
Access Commodities are two manufacturers of such material.
Needlepointjoint in Ogden, Utah
and Lacis in California (…1.510.843.7178…email are but two establishments that carry this product.
Any internet search under the manufacturer’s names above + bullion
will lead to many suppliers; i have mentioned only the two that i
have had previous experience with, and they are both excellent.
These good people will most certainly be of assistance!

As way of introduction, i have a humble small business in rural
Iowa, designing and executing one off pieces fashioned of knitted
fine wire, specializing in lace. At this point, the pieces are
mostly veils/niam linns, neckpieces/chokers, and bracelets… and
incorporate dichroic beads and sometimes gemstones (pearls and opals
are lovely with the shimmering brocade of the knitting and the
brilliance of the dichro!) the name of my business, floralmeda, is an
amalgam of the names of my two grandmothers, Florence and Almeda.
Each was responsible in turn for developing my love of needlework
and lace (but that is a story in and of itself!) I also teach the
knitting of wire to other knitters. I returned from such an
engagement in St Paul, MN recently; and it is always a joy to see
others inspired and engaged by the lovely possibilities that metal
can afford!

well, having overcome my innate sense of shyness, it’s back to work.
I will be showing some pieces in the upcoming Bead&Button show in
June…but have to ship pieces by the end of the week. i just keep
telling myself that meeting deadlines helps hone my sense of
discipline and makes me a better person…! sigh

best regards,