Gold foil for Kum-boo

Does anyone have a good source for 24K gold foil used for Kum-boo? ;
Some time ago I purchased foil produced in Korea, if I remember
correctly it was $3.75 gr. Thanks for all the great here
on Orchid.

 The recommended thickness of the gold foil that can be used is
varied. My research showed thickness ranging from .00015=94 to

The closest material commercially available, although it is on the
thin side, is the gold foil used for enameling. If the gold is too
thin, it will have a slight green tint from the silver showing
through. Gold leaf is much too thin for this application. For the
best result, you will have to make your own foil. To make a sheet of
gold of the ideal thickness, purchase the thinnest sheet of 24K gold
available. (I found 32ga - .00795=94).You will need a rolling mill =
excellent shape (rollers flat, smooth and properly adjusted). Roll
it through the rolling mill for 2 or 3 passes with medium to heavy
pressure on the crank. Anneal the metal and roll it again. 24K gold
anneals at 575F. Annealing can be achieved with a torch, in a kiln,
or by laying the gold on the hotplate on full heat for about 10
minutes. Continue the rolling and annealing process until the
rollers cannot be tightened any more. You will need to make several
passes at the tightest the mill will go to achieve .0015=94- .002=94. =
is difficult to find anything to accurately measure metal at this
thickness, but if you have access to a micrometer capable of
measuring .0001=94 it will help you know when your metal is to the
correct thickness.

I found a 1=94X 2=94 piece fairly easy to work with and fairly easy =


roll, but the 2=94X 2=94 piece was difficult.    

I have had no trouble with students using this technique to create
the foil to do Kum-boo. Good luck.

All-Craft just started offering it. 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" sheet 24k rolled
to an optimum thickness for keum-boo (can’t remember exactly what it
is, but ask Tevel at All-Craft, he’ll be able to tell you.)

Contact info: 135 West 29th St., Suite 205, New York, NY 10001,
phone (800) 645-7124, or (212) 279-7077. (They just started to
advertise the foil & agate burnishers in Studio PMC, or I wouldn’t
have known they had it!)

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

You could make it yourself or you could call Tevel at Allcraft in
New York; he has kum-boo foil: 800.645.7124.

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

    Does anyone have a good source for 24K gold foil used for

You might try Olympic Color Rods (800) 445 7742. I recently
purchased gold foil from them that I’ve used in enameling.

Hope this helps.
Claudia in the already too hot Central Florida!