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Gold foil for Keum-boo

Does anyone have a source for gold foil for Keum-bo? It is thicker
than artists gold leaf, no? I don’t have any “extra” gold laying
around my small studio that I’d like to experiment with; if you know
what i mean.

Columbus Ohio

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Kuemboo Foil:

There are several places where you can get 24kt gold foil. One is
Allcraft but it is thin (much thicker that gold leaf and therefore
easier to work). What I use and like best is from Art Clay World.
This gold foil is the thickness of heavy-weight aluminum foil (did a
lot of research on that thickness but don’t have it at hand at the
moment) and is very easy to work with scissors, punches, etc. The
price is also very reasonable. Art Clay World phone number is
866-381-0100. They also have a web-site where you can buy products,
I think. I only buy via phone, though. (

All Craft in New York, great stuff. Buy the agate burnishers while
you’re ordering.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Studio 925; established 1992