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Gold filled

Thanks for everyone who responded to my inquiry regarding
moissanite. Anyway, I have another question to ask: How do we
distinguish GOLD from GOLD FILLED? Please share with us the new
techniques being used in making GOLD FILLED or any FAKE GOLD for
that matter and what popular gold jewelry are being imitated in
the market so we can be aware on how and what to watch out for.

  • Lisa -

Hi Lisa: The only Gold filled that truly looks convincing is the
old gold filled that sometimes you could cut into and it still
would test gold if you didn’t go deep enough. The best answer is
to buy an acid testing kit for about $49.00 some comes with 4
different carat testing acids and a stone to scratch it on and is
contained in a nice wood box, always be careful to cut into the
piece you are testing if the reading is could but you are
doubtful, and most of all BE CAREFUL not to get the acid on your
fingers, if it should happen run it under water immediately,
always keep a cloth or tissue around after you test the piece by
either scratching it on a stone or cutting into the piece, if it
is not gold you want to wipe the residue quickly from the acid
and rinse the piece thoroughly under water 10 seonds would do
fine. Hope this helps! Sincerely Chris
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