Gold filled and stainless steel shot

Greetings to all and thank you for the continuing educational

My question is about gold filled jewelry. I was told not to
clean/polish gold filled jewelry in a tumbler filled with stainless
steel shot, as the shot would actually remove the thin layer of the
gold filled material.

Is there any truth to that statement?

Thank you.

   Is there any truth to that statement? 

Hello JR

I use stainless steel shot in a vibratory tumbler to work harden and
polish some of my fabricated 14/20 Kt. gold filled parts with good

Very little, if any of the gold is removed in the process and the
finish is actually harder as the shot burnishes the surface. The
parts I make are small and narrow. The type of jewelry you intend to
clean/polish may not fare as well if there are broad surfaces or set

I have not used abrasive cleaners on gold filled but of course that
would remove some of the gold surface.

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix

JR, I have used my tumbler with stainless steel shot to tumble gold
filled pieces and I’ve never had any problems. Maybe the person who
gave you that advice was talking about gold plated pieces? I think
the stainless steel shot would definitely remove gold plating. Since
gold filled is a thicker layer, I think you would have to tumble it
for a really long time to remove the gold.

– Leah