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Gold fill soldering


Hi Harry,

The material is soldered 24Ga sheet from Stern Leach.

currently I am sweating it on to 22Ga Sterling using 65 silver solder. I
have also tried using 55 silver solder, but it contains cadmium, I would
like to stay away from it. I tried Paste silder but the floride flux is
just too aggressive and I got grey streaks on the gold fill. Also I am not
big enough to use a belt oven (I wish I was!!!), so I must rely in my
trusty torch.


What is the safest temp to which I can take the gold fill up to to solder…
i.e. can I use 70 silver solder?

To tell the truth, I’m not sure what temp AG 70 solder melts at. I have
however used the Stern Leach 18k sterling laminate with hard silver solder
with not problems. The 24k may be different.

Good luck!


I have a thread for discussion. Currently I am working on a project with
14k gold fill and Sterling silver. I am looking for the best way to solder
the gold fill onto the silver. Can Anyone help?

Harry Butterfield
HP Trading Company

Hi Harry, what sizes, shapes and surface areas have to be joined? Find out
if you using soldered gold fill material or diffusion bonded clad material.
Actually in my expereince it doesn’t really seem to matter much if it is
soldered, just that that might be an issue for certain things. Diffusion
bonded is common for gold fill material.
I’ve always just soldered it like normal.



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