Gold eyelid weights

Well, gold may or may not be curative, according to whom you believe. But
here is one medical application for gold that I know for certain. A few
years ago I had a friend, a goldsmith, who somehow fell into the niche of
making tiny 24k gold eyelid weights. These were implanted, by a surgeon
not my friend, into people who somehow had lost the use of the muscles
which close their eyelids. Gold, being hypo-allergenic and dense, works
well, at least as long as the wearer is upright. Do you think that
patients who are also yogis are advised to cut out standing on their
heads? What about patients who ride on Tilt-a- whirls at the county fair?
I have not yet seen signs warning customers, “This ride can be hazardous
for those who are pregnant, have heart conditions and wear eyelid
weights.” Alan