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Gold eyeglasses

I have a few comments on this subject . . .

First of all, Cartier was NOT the first to make gold eyeglasses frames! I
am sure many of you know that gold frames have been used since well before
victorian times. In face, I have a pair that were made sometime near 1840

  • and they aren’t Cartier.

Gold eyeglasses have been around for many years. Cartier made them first

  • and as far as I know still do.

Secondly, many of the frames that are over 100+ years old are solid gold,
rather than gold plated. Of course, you will come across some gold plated
as well as gold filled, but in my experience, about 40-50% of what I find
are over 100 years old and are solid 14kt or 18kt gold.

The same as the old gold plated frames that have been around for almost
100 years.

In closing, my recommendation, if you have a particular lens size/shape
you would prefer in the gold frames, go ahead and have the lenses cut, and
then locate a jewelry designer who is qualified to create what you have in
mind. I personally would recommend Bryan Adam, a member of this list. In
my opinion, he is the most qualified and practiced person I know of when
it comes to custom eyeglass frames. If you are looking to wear antique
gold frames, first locate the frames, have any necessary repairs done, and
then have lenses cut per your prescription to fit the frames.

Good luck,

Heather Sickler
Intrica Fine Jewelry