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Gold etching

Hi all

Hope you are all well

Some of you may remember I asked questions here regarding making the
engagement ring for my now fiancee. I’ve since completed the ring and
proposed (she said “Yes” - silly thing!).

I’m now on with trying to make the wedding ring. The actual ring
itself is completed but I’m wanting to engrave / etch the words
"Forever Young" onto it (as my fianc=ee will be taking my name). I
was originally thinking to stamp the letters on but I’ve found it
deformed my ‘dummy ring’ and am now thinking to etch it.

I’m looking to get some potassium iodide and wet etch. However, I’m
a bit confused as to whether I can use anodic etching with potassium
iodide or just a pure wet etch? What can I use as a ground?

The idea of going to a laser engraver is not an option; I want to do
it allmyself.

Prolific thanks to all for your help


Adam- Why not learn to hand engrave? It’s a beautiful art that is
fading quickly as folks turn to lasers and machines. The results of
hand engraving are so lovely when done right. The hardest part is
getting the gravers the right length, shape and sharpness. After that
it’s just practice.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Hi Adam

I suppose it will be inside the band.

Buy a blank the size of the ring you made.

Go to a tool supplier and get a demo on the blank with an inside
ring engraver.

Then you do it with your band. Got to try before you buy.

“Thanx very much I will definitely, think about buying one of

Buy some consumables, saw blades sandpaper etc. get a catalogue and
go on the mailing list, while you are there.

You will no doubt get some first quality advice and engrave your
ring as well.

If that is not possible, you get good etching advice form Orchid.

I have had some really good demos from HOJ over the years. And spent
a small fortune.


Richard & Jo

Thanks for your replies!

I looked at engraving but I’m not very dextrous, being a bit all
fingers and thumbs! I was originally looking to stamp so have the
tools to form a ‘stencil’ for etching, but think I might make a mess
of it if engraving letters, especially on something so small as a


I’m not sure how much you are willing to invest in a peice of
equipment butwhen I was looking at different hand engravers to buy I
came across the Roland MPX-90 engraver, it’s just under $5,000. It
can add text, graphics, and photos to jewelery and other items like
pens or money clips. It has I think four different print modes and is