Going out of business

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling for the past year to keep making jewelry. I
have been very ill the past 12 months…and finally realized that I
just can’t make jewelry anymore. The reason I am emailing everyone is
that I am selling all my books, tools, semi precious
stones…everything I have and wanted to offer them to you.

The link below will take you to my albums where you can view what I
have. Everything is at cost or below Plus until the end of September
I have giving an additional 15% off because I really need the money.
So please check out what I have and email me privately, all prices
and amounts are listed on the photos. If you find something you want
please tell me the album name and the item number and I will get back
with you.

Thank you very much for your help.

Pat Everett, President

Hi Pat,

I followed the link you posted, but all I see are your designs. I am
interested in the tools, can you repost the link, I don’t think it’s
working right.

Cry Baby Design

Dear Augest,

Below is the link to my albums. I will be adding more tools the
first of the week. There is a 15% discount on everything, including
the sterling silver.


Thank you for looking,
Pat Everett, President