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Going for an opportunity

Hi, folks,

I’m hoping for some help. I did a very mediocre show this weekend
that may be redeemed by an order I got for wedding rings. The couple
want two completely different rings, in a relatively short time (just
over a month). The man, after looking high and low, fell in love with
a design of mine, and wants the same, except very different…

Anyway, here’s the problem. I can make the two rings, and I can
figure out the materials costs, but I have no idea how long they will
take me, as I have never done these exact kinds of rings before. I
would like to charge based on how long it should take, since it
will be a good challenge for me. I must give a price before we can
get rolling. Can one of you goldsmiths out there who do custom
wedding rings all the time tell me how long the rings should take,
and/or what they should cost, if I describe them? I’m imagining this
taking place off-forum.

Thanks in advance–please let me know if you’re willing and able!



I would hope you could do this on list. I think it would be
interesting and instructive to be able to compare the approaches and
times various smiths would take to do the job. I know I’m slower
than most, but it would be interesting for me, and I assume others,
to know just how much slower (or faster) we are.

Jerry in Kodiak

Hi Jerry, I suggested that smiths contact me off-forum because
posting the details of my design (needed for the response I am
looking for) is not something I’m sure I want to do, and talking in
detail about money and charges is sometimes a bit sensitive. If I
get multiple responses, I will post a summary, if you like. So far,
the estimates to make one ring have been “3-4 hours” and “all day”.
Pretty disparate. I expect to take quite a while, myself.