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Goggles for use with respirator?

I wear chemical splash prevention goggles with a respirator whenever
I’m working with investment. Investment dust ruins my contact lenses
(who knows what it does to eyeballs…). The goggles don’t fit on my
face very well with the respirator in place. As a result they ride
very high and force me to look out the bottom edge instead of through
the lenses. This does make it rather difficult to see what I’m doing.

Does anyone know of a particular brand of chemical goggles that will
fit properly when worn at the same time as a typical respirator? If
so, where can I find some?

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Motif Jewelry

This is why I wear glasses. Trashed a couple of pairs of contacts
with rouge, investment and tobacco smoke, not necessarily in that
order before I gave up. Perhaps you can get a surplus military grade
gas mask?


If you look all the safety glasses, safety goggles, and full face
respirators over at you will find many excellent ones.
As far as goggles go, check the AO models; they advertise for that
specification, also the ENCON 5/6000 looked like it had alot of room
above the nose bridge. There are many goodwrap around glasses that
are good on that site, and of course the face shields and fullface
respirators. A hanging or securly propped shield(polycarbonate
plastic sheet, part of a clear motorcycle shield, etc) work well if
there is room at a station, to catch the
bulk of the main flow(they sell them also).dp

    If you look all the safety glasses,, safety goggles,,, and
full face respirators over at you will find many
excellent ones. 

Thank you for this link! Somehow I hadn’t found that site during my
web searches. There are several goggles on there that might work.
I’ll be e-mailing the company for more info to help me decide which
would be best. Thanks again!

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Motif Jewelry

Kathy - try contacting Graphic Chemical and Ink company, and see
what they have to offer. They carry a wide range of
respirators,etc., for use with etching chemicals.

Beth in SC