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Gluing amber

Hi there. I’ve got a student with a question I’ve never had to face.
She’s forged a ring to cup an irregular amber nugget and wants to
secure it in with epoxy [the dual-tube dimethyldoubledeath stuff]
rather than tension etc. I had some hesitation knowing the organic
nature of amber and wanted to pop this query out there before I gave
her the green light. Do you think it’ll be fine or will something in
the epoxy dissolve the plasticated sap over time?

My thanks,

In my experience, epoxy glues amber just fine, but woe to you if you
ever try to get it loose.

Janet Kofoed

I concur with the other posting, epoxyis inert when set and will not
be attacked by anything in the amber and vice versa. because epoxy
doesnt dissolve in any of the common solvents it must be considered


Hi there,

I have been asked to re-glue an amber square Cabochon on a square
Sterling Silver backing.

What is the best glue to use for Amber?

Thank you
Phil Australia.

I used regular clear setting five minute epoxy about 17 years ago
when building a stack of amber beads to use as a knife handle. The
person I made it for still has it and hasn’t had any problems with
it. Good luck. Sheri

In my experience amber glued with epoxy is VERY durable. Amber is a
resin, epoxy is a resin. The trouble would come if you ever wanted
to remove it.

Janet Kofoed