Gluesticks and Pilot pens

Hi All! What a wonderful forum!! Thank you to everyone who
contributes! I joined Orchid a few months ago but this will be the
first time I’ve " jumped in".

With regards to glue sticks - I teach the basic Metals class at the
Brook field Craft Center in Connecticut so most of my students have
little or n o experience. The best design transfer system that I
have been able to c ome up with is to transfer the design to be
pierced to a bristol board or manila folder, cut it out with an
exacto blade and then glue it to the m etal with an Avery Permanent
Glue Stick. All other glue sticks seem to s lip eventually but the
Avery does not. Using a slightly heavier paper ke eps the design in
tact. The glue stick does not “wet” it and it stands u p to much
handling. I also find that re-drawing the design in the transf er
process, gives your hands and eyes “practice” so when it comes time
to use the saw the design is “familiar” - if that makes sense. My
students have great success with this process. Note that the glue is
not really p ermanent. It will come off with water. Most of the
time it comes up wit h the template.

With regards to the fine-point Pilot permanent pens - they are
better tha n any other permanent pen, but they are also very
difficult to find. I f inally order them on line from the pilot pen
stoRe: www.pilotpen-store.c om. I hope this helps!

Thank you again to everyone in Orchid! Not only do I use this
forum, but as a teacher I recommend it as a valuable resource to all
of my students ! I’m not always available and I don’t know
everything! What a wonderfu l tool to be able to offer them.

Lessley Burke
Goldsmith & Enamelist
Ridgefield, CT