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Glueing waxes

If Sticky wax won’st work - use the gel-type super glue.
HAven’t tried Elmer’s any wouldn’t have thought it would work as
it is water soluble and could slip in wet investment.

Stella Samson

When we make make a cocktail type ring, with many wire prongs to
form the gallery. We will use wax wire and attach it to the wax
model at the base of the top of the ring with a wax pen, just to
hold it in place, we then position it above the openning exactly
where we want it giving it a little press against the setting at
the top. ANYWAY, after we get the 20 or so wires in position we
use super glue to act as the solder to fuse the prongs in place.
I have been doing this for 10+ years, without a problem. For 10
years before that I pulled the wire and soldered the prongs on
after casting (a pain). We have to make very fine detailed
mountings and the super glue has always burned out beautifully,
make sure it fully dry.

Mark Parkinson