Glueing beads


I would suggest a 2 part epoxy, made by Hughes Company. It is
available from Rio, Epoxy 330. It is a long set, 8 hours. (I
recommend it over the 220, which is a quick set.) It withstands
pressure changes, weather extremes, repeated water dunkings, pools,
jacuzzi’s etc. I set my stones for hairsticks with it. My personal
set is almost 14 yrs old, and I take them everywhere. On planes, to
deserts, MN in the winter (freezing) and MO in the summer. (hot &
very humid)

Make sure to clean both objects to be glued. I use q-tips and
rubbing alcohol. let them dry. (I also prefer to slightly scratch
both surfaces for added grip. You can just use a scrubby or some
steel wool) The tricky part can be getting the parts together without
touching them, and getting your finger oils on them. For small
things, I use a tooth pick for application of the epoxy, and tweezers
for placement. Wipe off any excess. You need to make sure the piece
is not disturbed for the 8 hours, and not angled, or set so the parts
can “drift”. I generally use the top of my stove, or a cupboard
where the cats cannot get to it. (it is a pain to have to clean off
the glue. several hours of soaking in alcohol, and scraping, so you
can re-glue it.)

If you can’t get the epoxy, let me know. I will going to the UK in
March and can bring some over if necessary.

hope this helps