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Glueing a cabochon



I’m new to the group and look forward to learning and sharing :slight_smile: I
have a customer who came to me to replace the cracked opal in his
wedding ring. We decided on a 8x10 smooth domed, Rainbow Topaz and
the ring is 10k yellow gold. The bezel cup is sort of recessed into
the ring shank is the best way I can describe it so I didn’t see any
other way to set it except for using glue. I tried E6000 which
failed. I contacted Rio Grande (because I had JetSet on hand) and
they said the JetSet would work. It lasted about a week.

I have some of the 3M VHB tape but I’ve never used it before and am
not sure if it would work being that the stone is transparent and the
tape is white. Anyone have any experience with it or any other
suggestions as to what might work? Thanks!

ArtSea Jewellery


Im from the old school and think that glued stones should be
restricted to imitation jewellery.

I assume that the opal wasnt glued in, so am forced to conclude that
either the shape of the topaz doesnt match the opal, or you need to
rework the bezel to make it possible to set the stone properly.

Regards, Gary Wooding


Michelle - I hate glueing stuff. What a pain. If I have to glue
something Iuse two part resin epoxy. You need only a drop so you end
up throwing out an ounce of epoxy that you have mixed up. It dries
perfectly clear and is dry in 24 hours. The biggest problem is if you
ever have to repair this ring again the stone is not coming out
unless you break it up in pieces. You can purchase “envirotex” 2 part
epoxy at any hardware store for about 20$. I have used "diamond ice"
2 epoxy which is specifically made for jewelry.

Good Luck - Joy :slight_smile:


The cement I use is clear it is G-S Hypo Cement It is made in the US
and the company is G-S Supplies Inc. Rochester New York. I purchased
it in Toronto in a bead shop. It has worked well for me. I scuff up
the bottom of the bezel a little so that the glue as a rough surface
to adhere to put the glue down and then the cab, done and done.

Good Luck