Glue for Polypropylene?

Hi to all those jewellers in Oz who work with alternative materials:

I am trying to find a glue that will stick polypropylene together.
All the glues I have found so far do everything else except that.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


This website’s been around for a while - try it for gluing advice -

Ivy Fasko
Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry

There is a website called where you can find
suggested products to glue this to that.

They have “plastic” in each of the drop down boxes, nothing so
specific as polypropylene, but, it’s worth a try.

Good luck
Pam Farren
Newburyport MA

Hi, I have used the following website to answer a lot of “sticky”
questions…hope it works for you.


Loctite (Registered TM) makes a number of products for bonding

One is “All Plastics”.


Best regards,
Wayne Emery
The Gemcutter

Hi Christel - have you tried talking to “Loctite” themselves.
Through their website, I lodged and enquiry, and had a very helpful
and knowledgeable technician on the phone to me within 30 minutes!
Couldn’t believe it!! Might be worth a try, here’s their url

:slight_smile: Kimmyg



Have you tried ZAP? Chris Darway uses ZAP for his silver to foam
connections. You might have to put in a rivet to assist.


Back in my water rocket building days, the only adhesive that would
work for PET plastics (2 liter coke bottles) was a construction
adhesive called “PL PREMIUM.” This stuff sticks to just about
anything amd was able to withstand pressures of 100+ PSI. PET is
polyethylene terephthalate (basically polyester).

It’s available at hardware stores such as home depot.

Best regards!
Ken Sanders

Chris Darway uses ZAP for his silver to foam connections. You might
have to put in a rivet to assist. 

Doubtless it’ll be evident that I’m crawling out from under my rock
to ask this question, but why would you want to glue polypropylene
foam to silver? Just curious…


Jessee Smith
Cincinnati, Ohio (where a blazing shiny thing appeared briefly in the sky
yesterday; it’s gone now.)