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Glue for pearls


What type of glue do you recommend to glue a pearl to a post?



I use Devcon 2-part quick setting expoy. Some of my jeweler friends
use super glue. I find if I rough up the peg, it helps to keep the
pearl more secure, regardless of what glue you use. If the pearl
hole is a tight fit on the peg, then super glue will work. If you
have a larger holein your pearl, deform the peg a bit, rough it up to
give it some tooth, and use expoy to glue pearl to peg. They have all
worked for me. Joy (who is going to have to glue on pearls to 6
pairs of earrings pretty soon)


Hello Rick,

I always use two-part epoxy to hold pearls - the 24 hour cure type.
If that fails, then I go with a tiny wedge placed in a slit in the
end of the post. As the pearl is pushed down the post, the wedge is
forced down the slit. That spreads the sides and secures the pearl.

In both techniques, a tight fitting post is important. Little ridges
on the side of the post are necessary with epoxy.

Judy in Kansas, where the temps have been perfect to work in the

Now is also the time to clean out nest boxes.

What type of glue do you recommend to glue a pearl to a post? 

I use a crystal clear araldite, you don’t see it but it’s safer in
case of a spill.

I apply the araldite to the square, twisted posts, with a satay

Regards Charles A.


G-S Hypo Glue 1/3oz



I would not use the quick set epoxy. I have found that with time the
quick set epoxy degrades much faster than the longer setting 24 hour
epoxy that Judy W recommends.

Also Judy’s technique of the wedge in the top of the post is a
really great old timers trick and a good one to have in your bag of

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer


The other thing you can do with the post easier than the wedge is
pinch the post with a standard pliers so the pearl has to be pushed
onto the post as a mechanical lock and some epoxy or superglue