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Glue for Gortex


Hello! I have been trying to find a glue that would bond to gortex or
to a teflon based cord. Help! Nothing seems to work. Any ideas??



dd: Try Their gluing form is limited to general
categories of things found around the house but you can probably find
what you need through this site. They also have a Links page and a
Glue of the Month page.

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For a pretty complete of what to use to glue 2 things together go to

Ivy - Oakland.


I’ve heard of something called “Gorilla Glue”. It available at
Loews Home improvement centers. There might also be a web cite for
this product. Good Luck!


I used to work for W. L. Gore. As you know PTFE (Teflon) is a non
stick substance.

When I worked in the wire wrap department, if you did multi
insulations with wire and the first wrap was PTFE, used to have to
treat the wrap with a pretty harsh chemical for the second wrap to
stay on (proprietary).

In the early days when you would sew Gortex together, they had a
substance that had to be applied to the holes the needles went
through, it was called seam sealer. I don’t know if they still sell
it, or if it was an adhesive.

Now, I think when they bond two surfaces together they do it with a
special adhesive (proprietary) and use heat.

This of course only applies if it is a two layer application, the
fabric and the PTFE. Otherwise if it’s fabric to fabric, I have no

They are friendly folks there, just call them. It’s been over 12
years since I worked there, but I believe the “Gore Tex” plant is in
Elkton MD.

The web site is “