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Gloves, fingers and silver slivers

I wear tight leather gloves whenever I use a grinding burr in my
Foredom. I was tired of grinding my fingers when the burr caught
and also tired of picking silver splinters our of my fingers. I use
very heavy sprues.

I used to burn my index finger on the chuck key teeth on the Foredom
hand piece. When I started wearing gloves I worn away the leather
from the index finger portion of gloves. I solved this problem by
taping a layer of mold rubber around the end of my foredom
handpiece. I cut the end off a film container and slide it on to
the handpiece over the rubber. I adjust the container so that it
covers the teeth of the handpiece. I have also modified a container
by cutting away part of the side. The container can now be slipped
forward to cover the burr. This will catch silver slivers as you
grind sprues, ETC. I built a Plexiglas box for grinding sprues in.
Catches all those sharp slivers. Lee Epperson