Glove YAK

I’m glad there is at least one other glove wearer!

Exactly my point about this being the old machinist’s dilemma.
You are taught not to wear gloves around machinery, but take a
poll and you will find that most don’t subscribe to this
particular adage and use gloves when working at times. I know
I’m going to get “stoned” for this as Dave says, but it would
seem to me to be kinda difficult to get a rouge wheel to catch a
glove, don’t you think? Regards-RL

I am a confirmed ‘NEVER wear gloves while polishing’ guy. My
wife fractured her hand badly while using a rubber glove (told to
by her employer), and I heard of a guy who was polishing over a
lunch hour at a company, glove got caught, could not reach the
off switch, when the others got back from lunch the wheel had
polished right through his hand. I personally use leather
fingers, some people like alligator skin from Rio. I suspect,
that just as on a properly set power rolling mill there should be
a ‘dead man’s switch’ (charming name), that is a foot pedal with
a hood over it that one inserts a foot into while operating the
machine, when the foot is lifted the machine shuts off. Charles

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I’m glad there is at least one other glove wearer!

What is all this about gloves? I will not allow my students to
wear gloves under any circumstances except for one girl who wears
surgical latex gloves to protect her eczemic skin… they don’t
last very long, but enough to do a few jobs and if they were to
catch, they would shred before doing any damage. My other
students quite often use a tape stuff called, I think, Aligator
(Crocodile?) Skin, which can definately be bought from Rio
Grande. I don’t care what anybody says: gloves are dangerous. –
Dauvit Alexander