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Glasses for working with platinum

Hello! I am a new Orchid reader with a question. I recently broke
my cobalt-lensed platinum glasses. Does anyone know of a source for
these glasses? So far all I have been able to find is the dark-green
lenses, but I prefer the blue ones. Why are the blue lensed glasses
so hard to find? Are the dark-green ones supposed to be better? It
seems as if all the suppliers have switched to green and I figure
there must be a good reason. IT’S A MYSTERY!!!

Craig Rowe
Las Vegas, NV


You might want to contact Aura Lens they make all kinds of protective
glasses for hot glass and metal working trades. They have Cobalt Blue and other protective

James Binnion Metal Arts
Phone (510) 533-5108
Toll Free (877) 408 7287
Fax (510) 533-5439