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Glass Logo blocks

Linda mentioned having your logo on glass blocks in cases at trade
shows to help brand yourselves.

I was wondering if any of you wholesalers provided them to your
customers. If you do, do you charge them for them? Are they free with
a min purchase?

And, has anyone used a company that they would recommend or not
recommend? I can do a google search but I really love references!


Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge


We supply an engraved, beveled acrylic block with our logo/name with
every opening order placed by a retail store. We do not charge for
them. We source them from a local engraving company here in Mason
City, called Trophies Unlimited. If I remember correctly, our
blocks, engraved, cost about $6.00.

We encourage our retailers to display by designer, as we feel a
collection of items has more impact, and providing nice signage is a
subtle way of prompting this. Some use it, and some don’t, but we

david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa 50401

I have of late been making a lot of these glass blocks. I do a lot
of hand engraving so it has been very handy for businesses to have
their logos and names on these glass blocks. The customer picks out
what piece they want (I don’t know about the US but in Canada you can
get different glass blocks from a lot of different places and in all
colours also). I simply ebgrave their logo, whatever it is, and their
name. It doesn’t matter how intricate the logo is as it is done by
hand. The results are wonderful. Every one that I have made these
unique items for have told me that people really notice them and they
swear that they have more foot traffic than before the blocks went