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Glass jewelry

Ciao everyone!

I just had a question for anyone else who is working with or know’s
someone working with glass to create jewelry.

I had a brief encounter with Robert Tateossian a few years ago who is
making fiber optic glass in England.

Does anyone have experience working with this “glass” material or
understand the process of machining glass?

Thanks for any info!

Kim Fraczek

Hi Kim, What do you mean by…“machining glass” do you mean
lapidary?..I make kiln formed glass.


Hi Patty, Well, I am not quite sure how this guy did his “fusing fiber
optics” bit. He makes these very plain, simple shapes by some kind of
fusing technique. He did not appear as if he wanted to get into it
with me. I just was unsure what the process was.

Here is his website if you are interested to check it out:

I have just completed my first line of glass jewelry to show to
buyers, and was thinking about the future using machining as a sort
of way of producing more than a one-woman business can do, or to also
start investigating ways I can combine working with CAD/CAM and glass
as an output. I have seen Bathsheeba Grossman’s awesome laser etched
glass work, but that process won’t work for the forms I am creating.

Wow! I checked out you website, you have beautiful work! I noticed
you stated you are self-taught. That is great! I studied metals at
Tyler in Philadelphia, but was always drawn to the hot glass studio,
and then started with playing around on a torch after college. So I am
pretty self-taught with the torch as well. I am completely in love
with glass!! It is the most beautiful material in the world!!!

Okay, talk to you soon!
Kim Fraczek