Glass Engraving

Aloha Richard from the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, Do you have a source
for this dental tool used for engraving glass, and if you do, what
type a price tag does it carry? Look forward to your response. You’re
right about too much vibration caused by using a dremel, wizard, or
rotary type flex shaft tool. Aloha Nui, Barbara

From your posting it seems that you are looking for a Turbine or a
Micro motor. A Turbine tool works on air and a Micro motor runs on
an electrical motor. These run a 25,000 to 35,000 rpm. Price for a
good professional quality will run from about $250 & up usually made
in Japan, Korea or Taiwan. The Nail industry has some Micromotors
that are made in China that could be cheaper. You should look for one
that will accept 3/32" shaft so that you can use all the diamond
burs that are readily available in the dental & jewelry field.

Regards Kenneth Singh

For a dental style tool (air turbine) I heartily recommend the
Turbocarver ( ) It is currently $207 for
the basic system and $307 including a water mist system that has
made my life as a gem carver better and less messy. Not to mention
vastly extending the life of my dental burrs. It uses HIGH RPM and
low torque. You can order their instructional video for $20, which
they will apply towards purchase. That’s what I did 3 years ago. In
the video they show someone holding an incandescent lite bulb in
their hand, carving their signature on it, then drilling through it.
Pretty nifty. Good people with great customer service. Usual
disclaimers - not affiliated, just a happy customer. – Epaul Fischer
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