Glass domes

Hello Everybody I am new to the group. I have been reading everyone’s
emails and it is mind blowing. I love that everyone shares and is
so supportive. I am so happy and honored to have joined this group.

I am a metal sculptor. I am now scaling down my work to “jewelry
size” so I can have an additional source of income. I found out
about this group through my teacher Dede Sullivan.

I am trying to find glass domes - like watch crystals to use in my
bezels. Since I am new to jewelry- I have no idea where to get half
of my supplies from. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, during Dede’s class she discussed lots of ideas for putting
together interesting mailers (she teaches a PR class) She gave us
some names of places to buy paper products from. I wanted to see if
anyone out there had any other sources for great paper and
stationary ideas (via internet would be best!)

Thanks guys
Metal Woman, Brooklyn NY