Glad to be back--and workshops

Dear Orchidians-- I’m back from my month in Europe, and trying to get
back into the groove, after a wonderful trip (my alternative
practitioner says I should have a medical prescription for a month in
Europe every year. OK by me!) Also trying to sort through the 600 or
so posts that accumulated in my absence.

Meanwhile, I want to thank everyone who offered help and
-you helped make my trip great.

Last, I want to let anyone who is interested know that I have three
short workshops coming up, here at the Evanston Art Center just
outside Chicago. Aug. 4&5, it will be PMC+, basic; Aug 18 & 19, more
advanced PMC techniques, and Aug 27 will be a 3-hour class on using
epoxy enamel. If anyone would like more info, you can contact me
off-line, or call the Art Center at (847) 475-5300.