Gillian Smith - Jewelry Gallery

GillyB Design
Nambour, Queensland

Gilly B combines her creative passion with the practicalities of silver smithing, science and chemistry and is not limited by traditional ideas, materials or methods. She uses silver and other beautiful metals and creates many amazing shapes, textures, tones and colours with them by using specialised tools, patinas and heat.

This jewellery designer’s inspiration not only comes from the beach and her garden, but also from the bits and pieces on her workbench. Her eyes may happen to settle on a piece of silver, opal, gold, coral, shell, copper or stone and suddenly a totally unique new work of art is being created.

Materials: Copper, sterling silver wire, black coral, enamel
Dimensions: 10cm total length x 4.5cm at widest part

Technique: Fold form, drilled, enamelled, patina.
A tangle of sterling silver wire connects black coral and fold formed copper to create this interesting pendant. The copper has been enamelled in orange and white and then dipped in patina to give it an old feel as if it has been drifting in the ocean then washed up on the shore among the bits of coral and other debris.

Photo credit: Artist