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GIA Classes


Please see attached file. Steve

Hi Thomas,

GIA offers a bunch of extention classes throughout the country.
The y teach various things in various places and it changes from
year to year We do offer “Advanced Stone Setting” on the road
which includes “bead and bright” various forms and styles of
"bead setting" and also classic pave’, I’m at home now and so
don’t have a road schedule at the moment, but if you call
310-829-2991 and ask for a schedule of extention classes, they
will send one to you. If that doesn’t work, call me at the same
number at ext. 717 and I’ll see that they get one out to you.
I believe they’re doing some classes in Newark this year and
possibly Buffolo , whether that’s better than NYC for you is a
toss up I guess. I’m teaching advanced fabrication in Tucson in
a few days; feel like flying out? In any case, if I can be of
any help to you please feel free to call or e-mail anytime. Steve


Thanks for the info on the classes… I will call sometime this
week… Let me know when you get back from Tuscon and I will give
you a call to get some more advice on which classes you think
would be good at this point… thanks again Marc