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GFC Rolling Mill?

Hello Orchideans. I just purchased a second hand rolling mill, 70mm,
for wire and flat stock, made by a company called GFC, and the seller
told me it was an Italian made mill. It is a simple little mill and I
am very excited to start using it. I am hoping some of you are
familiar with this company and might have some about this
company. I have not been able to find anything through web searches!
The mill is a bit dusty, so I want to clean it up before I bolt it to
a table. What should I use to clean it? Some kind of oil,… but what
kind, what brand, etcetera.

Thanks in advance! I can hardly wait to hear what all of you have to

I don’t know anything about the make of your mill. However, I was
advised to use sewing machine oil on my mill to keep it lubed and
rust-free; it works fabulous. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to
use to clean it, perhaps silicone oil from a marine shop, or maybe
even olive oil?


I use the cleaner/lube that Durston makes for my mill. To keep the
rollers polished I use simichrome polish. I have heard of using oil
made for the care of guns available at gunshops. Some oils are
hydroscopic and unsuitable for the mill, so I keep to using the
Durston stuff.


Hello everyone. Cleaned up some of the dust on my new-to-me, used
rolling mill, and discovered it is a Cavallin, 80mm combo, no gear
model (see a new one at From looking at many pics of
this rolling mill at various websites, I’m not sure this one has been
put together correctly. Can anyone point me in some direction for
info on making sure the unit is put together properly? Sorry to be
such a novice!

Au revoir! Hobbs