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Getting vaccuum up to speed quickly

An idea…

A trick used to stabilize and increase the apparent power of
compessed air sources:

  • have a “receving tank”, 5-10 gallons, downstream from the air
    compressor. The tank accumulates a volume of compressed air.

  • when a quantity is used, the pressure is supplied from the
    receiving tank so that the air compressor does not have to supply
    all the volume; i.e., the idea is that a 1 cfm air compressor,
    feeding into a 10 cubic foot container, after 10 minutes, will
    behave like a 10 cfm air compressor for a short time (about 1

So, do the same thing for vacuum. Let a small vaccum evacuate a
larger tank, then open a valve when casting and, viola, you have
a large vacuum source.

The idea here is that the tank is cheaper than the pump.

A trick from my mining engineering days.

Mark Zirinsky, Denver, Colorado, USA