Getting rid of the pink

Ofter after a repair in a ring, the pickle leaves a light copper
flash which is usually caused by contamination from iron. This can
come even from the steel springs in spring rings when chain repairs
are done. What is the best way to remove this copper flash. Fresh
pickle and even cyanide doesn’t work. Thanks, Richard Olson

Try Sparex and hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore. Just dip out
some Sparex from the pickle pot in a small dish and add the
peroxide. I don’t measure so I can’t give you amounts. This makes a
strong pickle and you will see bubbles on the metal. Watch it and
don’t leave it long. It can etch solder joints. It can go back in
the pickle pot after you are done.

Marilyn Smith

To remove copper flash, try hydrogen peroxide (3% from the drug
store). Nancy

   To remove copper flash, try hydrogen peroxide (3% from the drug

but not all by itself. Add peroxide to clean, newly mixed pickle
solution. It’s the combination that removes the copper flashing, not
peroxide by itself.


Hydrogen Peroxide pickle. I developed the formulas at KU about 1979.
The paper is $.50 at Reactive Metals Studio. Or visit here and it is


Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.
PO Box 890 * 600 First North St. * Clarkdale, AZ 86324
Ph-928/634-3434 * Ph-800/876-3434 * Fax-928/634-6734

I’d like to thank Bill at Reactive Metals Studio, Inc., for
inventing the hydrogen peroxide pickle. It’s not as fast as my
beloved nitric acid (at getting rid of cuprous oxide) but it’s
something I can use in teaching about bright-dipping in my adult
ed. jewelrymaking classes AND my students can make it up at home
(rather than having to try to find where to get nitric acid…).
Thanks, Bill! Judy Bjorkman