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Getting lid off tumbler

I’ve never used a tumbler and was given a ‘beginners’ tumbler by a friend. I bought 2 barrels and…I can’t get the lid off! It is all rubber, I took off the rubber ring, but for the life of me, I can’t budge the lid! any secrets? I can’t pry it off without breaking seal, right?

aaacchhh! I got it! lid was INSIDE the rubber edge. sheesh! never mind…phew

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Even if you know how they go together, taking them apart the first time or even if they sit for some time is a chore. Good luck…Rob

Just pull the rubber edge/lip out with your finger all the way around and then pull up on the lid. It’s a very tight fit.

thanks folks! the trick I didn’t realize is that the lid slips in and sits from the top. I thought the whole rubber edging piece would come off. tricks! lol Judy