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Getting cadmium out of fine silver

I have a large quantity of fine silver (contacts for electrical
timers) and spectro analysis has determined it does contain a modest
amount of cadmium - way less than 1%. Is there any way to safely
remove the cadmium (its boiling point is just under the melting point
of silver) so I can proceed to making up ingots?

Dale Repp The Silver Forge

I would not want to be in the same neighbourhood, never mind the
same room or next to the furnace when those cadmium fumes boil off.
The stuff is a worse neurotoxin than mercury.

Take care

You might be able to part it using nitric acid.

Hello Dale,

A refinning company is your best option. Do not inhale that stuff if
you melt it. Remember that cadmium is extreme poissoneous in a fabor
condition Jepp, you have to pay for it but you get a perfect
refinned product, you stay healthy and no problems with the
environment. If those reasons are not good enough for you, then go
ahead and pay for it by other means… but you will pay for it in
the long run.

Enjoy and have fun

If it’s fine silver hen there can be no cadmium in it.

Cadmium was added to silver up until the 70’s to make the silver
more malleable - typically it was added to silver used for spinning.
The problem was that polishers could easily ingest small mounts and
this made some guys very sick after 50 or more years of using it.

I remember when I was a kid buying my first supply of polishing
equipment and several of the older guys in the shop warning me to
"get out of this business now!"