Get your jewellery into Magazines and upscale boutiques

   Hello I am L. Mullen. I design jewelry using semi-precious
stones, pearls & I also do wirewrapping. I enjoy making jewelry &
learning new techniques. I sell my jewelry at various conferences &
home shows but I would like to move up to another level, so I am
looking for on how to get my jewelry into magazines &
upscale boutiques. There is so much to learn and thankfully there
is this venue for jewelry designers with a wealth of valuable

Hi there I,

Here in Ireland, its just a matter of having a hard enough neck to
walk into your chosen boutique, Jewellery Gallery or magazine
headquarters, and taking the bull by the horns.

But its probably advisable to ring and make an appointment ahead of
a visit. Ask who you should talk to And say, I’m looking for an
appropriate venue for my work, and I really think your Gallery could
work for me.

What is your mark up?? etc Are you doing large volume pieces?? or
limited addition??

Limited addition belongs in a Gallery setting, people will not
appreciate the time and creative imagination behind the work in a
Boutique. So do some research, and pick and choose the venues that
you feel are an appropriate back drop for you work, be bold and
brave “and go for it”!! You have nothing to lose.

Now to the Magazines

This is a great way to get free advertising.

Firstly you need to find out who the Fashion editor is, and when you
know that, you need to make an appointment to see him or her. Tell
them you will only take up a few minutes of their time.

Another clever way to get into the glossys this.

Find out who the hot stylists are, if you can form a good
relationship with a busy and successful stylist “you’ve got it

Buy your fave mags and look at the index, there should be a listing
of contributors there in, once you’ve got a name you’ve got a
running start. Call the mag, and ask to speak to the named stylist,
and do the same as above, arrange a five minute
meeting…these are busy people and they like to know how much
of their time you are going to take up.

Now its up to you, L…go forward and prosper

Best wishes
Tina Ashmore
Dublin, Ireland