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Gesswein Eco-Torque 280 repair?

Hi all,
I have had the above tool for a few years now and it suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason. I contacted Gesswein hoping they’d help me troubleshoot and fix whatever’s wrong with it on my own, but no dice–they want me to ship it back for an estimate on the cost of repair. I’d rather spend that money on a new micro motor that also supports a hammer handpiece rather than pouring it down an uncertain repair rabbit hole without any means of verification.

All thoughts on the troubleshooting/repair/replacement issue welcome–I paid in the $200 range for the tool originally and it has served me well. I could try to fix it myself, but Gesswein did not respond when I asked for more detailed schematic information than shipped in the box. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

I have had similar problems with nonexistent customer service. I got all the information I needed by Googling the Patent Number for the tool in need of repair. Search “patent:” ######### (patent number), and it should return the original filing of the patent.

I had to take a printout to a local machine shop to have the part made, since I don’t have machinery for that type of metalwork. It took little effort and was well worth the my time and money spent.

Good luck and always repair good old tools, they will continue to serve you well.

Jim DeRosa
Metalsmith of many metals.

I have a micromotor that one of the
magnets that are glued to the inside of the
case came loose.
I think the back end unscrews and you can
Remove the armature.
Most likely it is the hand piece, you might
be able to find one on EBay.
If you need a new one, I am extremely
fond of my Marathon n7, I have had it
10-12 years. And I know how to take that
one apart…

Richard and all
I have a 'Marathon" micro-motor as well. It’s my ‘travelling motor’ its’
one of the best additions to my inventory of tools. I’m so happy with the
flexibility of the handpiece. On a Scale of 10 being and 10 being the
best, I’d easily give it a 15, it’s worth every dollar…

*Gerry Lewy *

I also have had a marathon for many years and like Gerry would give it 15 out of 10. I also have a 90deg end for it as well as the normal one. Very handy addition
Robin in windy Scotland

Hi Makenta,
Ted here in the UK,
I repair or make just about everything in my w/shop and was surprised you didnt get help from the makers.
also that you didnt find any scematics.
I just out of quriosity Googled just that and Gesswein give a full spare parts list and a scematc .My guess is that after all those yrs of use the carbon brushes are worn out and no longer contact the commutator in the motor.
simple enough to repair.
Take it to a watch maker/repairer, he will have the skills to dismantle it and get the new brushes for it.

Ted, the micromotor has permanent magnets
inside the handpiece, no brushes.
My stoped working and I took it apart, one
side had come unglued.
Has run fine since, over 5 years.

Hi Richard,
something doesnt add up. This thread is for the Guesswein echo 280. right?
so can YOU google for this asking for the controller and handpiece parts and scematic ,like I have done again! confirming the fact it has carbon brushes. thats obviously in addition to the field permanent magnets, common in small dc fractional motors.
All motors with p/magnets have to have an armature wire wound with a commutator. Unless they have gone down the all electronic route like Dewalt with their non commutating cordless motors that they have recently introduced.
Perhaps they make a different model with the same name? not that stupid surely?
Can you please have a look.

Ted, I do not know what schematic you
found, this is a picture of my micromotor, looks
like the Gesswin model.
I was in electronics school for a year with the
U.S.A.F, and then worked in radar repair and
maintenance, electronics and hydraulic
I mentioned I took mine apart, no brushes.
Usually there are two caps on the outside case
if either side of the commutator, it should be
obvious from my picture, no caps visible, do you
think they would put the brushes inside without
access to change them, like flexshafts have?
I think you missed the part where I mentioned,
I took mine apart…
Google brushless dental micromotors.

Ted, I looked up the schematic. There are
brushes in the Gesswin model. Not in mine.

Hi Richard,
Then it has to be a different model. I didnt miss your note that you had yours to bits.
Good to hear you have experience other than bench work!.
Me too, trained in aviation engineering for 3 yrs. Covering all diciplines thereto.
Family background in heavy engineering. Came round to it myself in 1992 with the minting as in 250 ton hyd press work . Thats for later in March.
Then so far! some 50 yrs at this game always trying to push the boundaries of metal work.
Currently remaking everything ive done over this time for a major expo in July.
Just put into production a 40 off dark ages cuff made from 316 s/steel using tig /argon to
decorate and assemble. then fire oxidised to colour.
Will try to take a pic of the 1st 4.

Hi Richard,
heres the pic .

Not exactly bench work in the ganoksin medium.
surprisingly, they sell very well @$100 each.
Do them in different widths, and in finger ring sizes too.

Ted, nice work!

Ted, nice TIG work!!! My now deceased wife Cynthia Thomas, got me into jewelry when we first got together 30+ years ago, she passed a bit over 2 years ago, and I learned bronze foundry work to do her “new direction” from jewelry, bronzes and I learned the process to do the foundry work. (Sorry for the long introduction/info sentence!!!)

I still do some bronze sculpture work as folks want pieces of what Cynthia did, but I do a good deal of TIGing on bronze, stainless, aluminum and steel as well as metal spray (yup, spray molten metal onto most any object/material) and plasma cutting (free hand, not CNC). I am impressed with your design, TIG work, metal combination and heat patinas. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! Glad they are selling for you too.

If interested, you can see what Cynthia did (bronzes, pastels and mixed media) and a bit of what I do at MLCE dot net if interested… Where are you? I am in SW Washington in the town of Sequim.

Best to you ALL!!!

John Dach

Hi John,
Ive read your posts before and do recall your sad loss, I lost my 1st wife many yrs ago but have been blessed with another.
As for where im at! im over the pond in Dorset UK , quoting the price in $ was just me not having to get you all to do the sterling conversion.
Ive just asked Seth how to get this forum s/ware to show all the posts and pics ive put up over the past year, so you could have a look and see what else iIdo.
hope to get this info later.
will update you if it is possible.

Wow. Beautiful, Ted!

Thanks Gerry and everyone else who took the time to reply.

I the advice given on trying to fix it, took the thing apart to see if there was anything obviously wrong with it, and it all looked pristine. I don’t know what the replaceable brush heads were supposed to look like when they need to be replaced, but I didn’t think that was the problem, so I put the whole megilla back together again, and just for the heck of it, turned it on. It worked. Go figure! All I did was perform some gentle percussive maintenance by jiggling the wires around.

All that being said, I don’t know for how long it will last so I am eyeing a replacement. There are many different Marathon micro motors out there. Can anyone recommend a model where you can just plug in a hammer handpiece? Many thanks again!