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After a very lengthy 9-12 months of continued writing for Orchid/Ganoksin. Not too mention also attempting to figure out what route to take, just to show you my essays @ $ n/c for you!
I have finally succeeded. It is between a website & a blog (with no limitations on space)
I have rewritten in the past 3 days only 26 essays. These are covering as many of the topics that I feel that are important for everyone. BTW, if you can think of other titles that need to discussed, please write to me directly to;
I will be sending out emails to everyone who have been requesting my essays: studios, school, and gem-cutters…Again, please, I apologize for the long, long delay. NOW EVERYTHING IS DONE!..Whew, and of course…OY!!

Here is the blogspot to remember; “”


There seems to be a little ripple in the original “wording & installation”. Please hold off once more till I get this rectified…:>(

The URL is actually
No .com in the address