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Gerry's Setting essays!


Hi everyone, everywhere!

During this month of September (still not finished yet) I’ve written 6 new essays into my setting blog.

The topics are;

  1. "Processes of refining metal".

  2. "Errors found in Gemstone Setting".

  3. "Errors in using ‘gravers’ while cutting".

  4. "Filing claws ‘after’ diamond setting".

  5. "How to prepare & create a “Cut-Down” pattern". (most recent addition)

All of these together have a total of 52 pages of setting notes!! With an additional fact, there are now 496 pages in total pages given to YOU! All since April 19th.


Wow, busy guy! Do you have a link to your blog?

Thanks again Gerry, you’re the best!


Hi Billy

Here is my blog that you wanted, I only now have 63 essays on file. If you print out all of them you will have well over 700 pages of notes. Have fun reading and learning a few things…:>)


Hey Gerry. Not sure if the link posted?


Billy Prendergast

Let’s try this again! Watch out for the spelling in my link.


There it is! Thank you!