Gerry Lewy's gemsetting class

Just an FYI for anyone thinking of taking the setting class from
Gerry. Due yourselves and the class a favor, unlike myself, and WAIT,
Wait, wait, before jumping in with all the questions that infiltrate
your mind. Or try writing them down for later. 99.037% of them get
answered in due coarse. Usually meaning minutes, or even seconds. AND
there is a lot to absorb. Best to take the notes in the most
ambitious way. Also one more comment before I get back to. Do NOT
worry about not knowing enough about your abilities. He makes
learning easy and if you pay attention and keep good notes, this is
knowledge you can go back to and use when your abilities reach the
point of usefulness.

SO happy to have had the chance


Where is Gerry’s classes? I live in Canada.


Hi Anna

I live in Thornhill, just north of Toronto. I can come to your area
and teach “one-on-one”. Go to my Orchid-Gerry’s Blog or my
l website. listed below! Where do you live?

Gerry Lewy

I live in Halifax, NS. One on One will be too much for me, I don’t
think I can afford that, but if I can get few people together, that
might work, how much and what do you need for work shop?